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Medicine and Engineering as a career
Medicine and Engineering as a career

Medicine and Engineering as a career: Dilemma no longer!!

Career choice is the most important decision ever made by a person in his/her life. This decision become more crucial at the time when the students prepared to move in the XIth class after finishing their Xth exams. 1. Whether to choose Medicine or to go for Engineering or whether I have the caliber of competing for both medicine and engineering, or the other fields 2. What are the prospects of choosing these medicine and engineering as career? This become problem when the students with little or no knowledge failed to analyze their ability, and the wide prospects imbibed in medicine and engineering as a career.

Myth and reality

There is lot of myths that surrounds the parents while deciding the future of their ward and it is necessary for all the parents to free themselves from these kinds of myths, so that they can make free decision while concerning the future of their ward.1. A student who is average in his/her higher secondary education can’t compete successfully for medical and engineering entrances.2. Those who studied higher secondary education in vernacular medium cannot shine in professional courses taught in English.Competitive examinations has a different platforms altogether, so, parents as well as their wards should not be trapped in the false statements, and should go for right guidance and direction to decide their wards future.

Medicine and Engineering: A requirement…

Medicine as a service allows you to help people,the work and contribution are important to individuals and the community, it enavles to earn a good living and provides for a consistent and secure future, If we consider the data of Health ministry there is only one doctor per 1,700 citizens in India; the World Health Organization stipulates a minimum ratio of 1:1,000. Also,therer are about 6-6.5 lakh doctors available, but India would need about four lakh more by 2020 to maintain the required ratio of one doctor per 1,000 people. This data can be an eye- opener for all those who wanted to be a doctor but skeptical about the opportunities in it. Also there are 387 medical colleges in India,181 in govt, 206 private ,India produce 30,000 doctors,18,000 specialist,54,000 nurses,36,000 pharmacists, annually.Being an engineer means to make things happen. Engineering is about the design and production of useful products and services. Engineering is a real diverse field, there are so many branches available in it, whatever interests you, from information technology to medical science, from construction roads to space, engineering is everywhere. In today’s era, where world is contracting the fields in engineering is become wider and wider, and looking engineering as a career at world level , rather than focusing on India, then the need of engineers is a big ‘yes’.

Indian educational scenario: Parents opinion

Medicine and engineering, as a career, are the most popular streams, considering the Indian educational scenario. As our educational system at the higher secondary level provides various choices in the selections of this field like either medicine, or engineering, or the combination of both. This generate a view that as fewer seats are available in medicine, and getting an MBBS seat has become extremely difficult then a student going for the combination of both can go for engineering as a career.So, high level professional streams are there, requirement of doctors and engineering is there, high opportunities are there, what is most important is the proper orientation of the parents and their wards towards the selection or the grabbing of these opportunities. Proper knowledge and guidance is required to select medicine and engineering as a career, as both streams require different aptitude.RJ Vision Pvt Ltd excels in guiding the students in the selection of career, in the field of medicine and engineering from last eight years. We organize regular career orientation seminar for the same. This seminar always proves to be an eye-opener for the students and parents to analyze their interest and to land up in selecting what is best for them.