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Student welfare cell
Student welfare cell

Student Welfare:-

We believe that “Knowledge or education has only one duty, to secure the welfare of the students”. Firmly working on the above quote, we work ardently on our student welfare zone, so that we can take care of each students and extend our full support, guidance whole –heartedly in both academic and non-academic matters. In our welfare zone we besides the education part, we work consistently on Time management, stress management, values instilling, Hard work, regularity, kind of aspects , so that the success of students can be measured not only just quantitatively but qualitatively as well.


Individual counseling session is a very unique feature of our institute, solely started for the welfare of the students. Under these sessions we do the counseling of the students on the individual basis. The student to be counseled was analyzed thoroughly by our experts, both academically and non-academically, and brief chart is prepared on the basis of that analysis. The student is then guided accordingly, so that he can maintain a well balance aptitude, and attitude towards the exam.


We organize special counseling sessions for the weak students, we keep on tracking the student’s performance, and if a student is not performing well consistently, we organize the counseling session for him/her, and try to find out the reasons and then provide, personal/ motivational and academic support to that student.

Report Card maintenance:-

Report card is the best way to keep a track of the student performance we provide well printed and maintained report cards to the student, which contains the marks of the students. The report card is given to the parents of the students, so that the prospects regarding the students can be discussed with the parents according to their performance.

Attendance Maintenance:-

The attendance of the student is regularly maintained. Any student found absent in any particular class, is noted strictly and then an immediate call is made to his/her parents, to inform about the absence and to know the reason.


We arrange special doubt removal sessions for the students after completion of each topic. The doubt removal sessions are taken by the expertise faculty. These sessions helps the students to get quick solutions to their problems and even give a chance to revise the topic. These sessions definitely instill the confidence in the students regarding the concept and motivate them to study regularly.


Extra class sessions are for those students who due to some reasons missed their regular classes, or those who need extra revision of particular topics. The student, who wants to learn any extra topic, can also take the extra classes in our institute. We have a facility to arrange group and individual extra classes for the students, on the basis of demand.

Assistance to the Outside students:-

The students who come from outside to Baroda, and join our institute, we assist those students to get the best accommodation and Food facility. We provide that student special care so that to avoid home-sickness. Regular vigilance of the place of accommodation is also done to avoid any unfavorable situation.

Feedback Form:-

We maintain a feedback form, filled by the students regularly which cover all the matters related to the way of teaching, faculty, premises facilities, material etc. This form definitely helps us to meliorate our institute in all terms and helps to know the problems faced by the students in any aspect.

Material Support:-

The student who enrolled with us gets the full Material support from us. They get full course booklets, Test series, question banks, solved papers and regular DPP’s.

Help Desk and communication Facility:-

We have a special help desk for the students, to assist them in day to day problem. Any problem related to Material loss, ID card Loss, Vehicle failure, phone problem, Parents contact, emergency situations, etc and any other can be resolved quickly at our Help Desk. Besides this we maintain regular communication facility with the student and parents. Any change in class timing, special classes, extra classes, is communicated to the students through phone on regular basis.

Online solutions:-

We provide online solutions to the students. Students can mail any queries related to any particular topic or problem through mail, and we provide solutions accordingly.

Special sessions before Exams:-

We also take special classes for the students on request, in which revise all the topics coming in the exams for the students, to make them confident and well prepared for the exams.

Exam alert cell:-

We have a separate exam alert cell, which keeps the student updated about the upcoming exams, exam dates, and last date for filling up the forms.