Class 11 JEE

"Resonance Class 11"

RESONANCE JEE Course is for those students who aspire to prepare for JEE along with class 11th. Seeing the changing and stiff competitive pattern now, along with the hard work a right and perfect strategy is required to hit the bull’s eye, and with the subjects like Maths, physics, Chemistry, which requires patience and concentration of high level, this Course is set to meet the requirements of JEE changed pattern. This is a special program which reduces the burden of students preparing for both School syllabus and JEE entrance. This Course is set under the aegis of changing scenario of entrance examinations. It keeps the students on the charted path while rectifying all the dilemmas, which begins after the X class. The syllabus percentage in competitive exams is approx 50% for 11th and 12th. 11th can be said as the base for any entrance as it is golden period in which students can develops their base with utmost clarity.

JEE admission process has combined both the tests as the two step process, JEE MAINS (new name of AIEEE) and JEE ADVANCE (IIT) to emerge as one of the largest and toughest exam of India. JEE coaching by us makes the syllabus and learning process lucid pertaining to the pattern. Needless to say that this increasing competitiveness of the exam makes our exclusive course of R1E and R1I an ardent requirement to crack JEE MAIN and JEE ADVANCE. This course also offer specific help, guidance, tips and tricks for JEE ADVANCE right after student takes JEE MAINS. Under this course, exhaustive training has been provided to the students through scientifically structured program by top professionals from distinguished fields with the latest tools and techniques to clear JEE MAIN and JEE ADVANCE. We provide the tricks and tactics of winning methodology which definitely gives our students an edge over their fellow counterparts. The course R1E and R1I is specifically designed to instil some key skills for competitive preparation in the students of 11th class like Time Management, Discipline and building a habit of following a study schedule. Through this course we ensure that students are completely prepared to face Engineering entrance exams both of Mains and of Advance level, while optimising the time spent on their studies. While building up the solid conceptual foundation, this course simultaneously develops, quick analytical thinking and systematic problem solving approach which is an ardent requirement for succeeding in this Joint Entrance Examination. This Course defines the flawless combination of systematic and strategically carved syllabus required for JEE. Concept Clarity is the core of the course. Instant doubt clearing sessions as students generally needs doubt support of 30-40% which becomes an important aspect of the course. One to one interaction with the best faculties in small batches, complete personal attention in highly competitive and conducive atmosphere of the institute and regular monitoring of the student. Intensive study program which needs diligent efforts from students takes them up to National level with a justified confidence and good rank. If you desire, dare and dream to reach the top ranks in JEE MAINS and JEE ADVANCE then, this course is just for you. This Course also takes care of the Academic requirement of School and Board examinations. We provide Separate Batches for Gujarat board & CBSE board students. As it designed to blend successfully with school studies, the systematic preparation for medical ensures excellent results in both school exams, and entrance exams. “This course creates a very strong foundation of concept and fundamentals required for cracking the competitive exams along with complete coverage of school syllabus.” ** The lecture plans for the year are developed well in advance, taking care of all the holidays. We also make sure to go ahead with the syllabus as per the CBSE guidelines .This will definitely make the students ahead in Schools in terms of syllabus and performances **

"RJ Vision Advantages"

  • Constant Faculties Team from Last 18 Years
  • Our course is thoroughly equipped with the latest pattern and syllabus of JEE MAIN and JEE ADVANCED.
  • When a student studies a particular topic for the board exam, the same topic is covered extensively in advancing classes for the Joint entrance exam.
  • Regular classes with flexible timings to give individual and personalised attention to each and every student.
  • Equipped with the latest technologies, which helps to develop the video copy of all lectures so that any student who has missed the class can avail it and get the essence.
  • Fully digital and computerised system like biometric attendance, OMR checking and result analysis.
  • Under this course a student will be able to get more time to study which is important to absorb the material for long term retention.
  • One to one doubt removal session and special classes to help students with their individual problem and also helps them to organise.
  • Focussed and concise course materials developed by some of the most experienced professionals in the field of competitive training.
  • PTM’s are organised on a regular basis where parents and teachers interact with each other and exchange suggestion and feedbacks on how the students can be helped in an optimised manner.

"Resonance Class 11"

Students in this course will be thoroughly prepared for School / Board Exam, JEE (MAIN) Entrance Exams. This course is divided into two years (sessions). Session-1 (Class 11) In Year-1 (Class 11): The course continue till 4th week of February 2021. During this course the complete syllabus of Class 11 will be thoroughly discussed and then the students will be made free to write their Class 11 final exam.They shall then rejoin in the first week of April, 2021 to continue the syllabus of Class 12. Session-2 (Class 12) In Year-2 (Class 12): The Class 12 syllabus will be completed by November 2021 & Class 11 revision will start.Students will be given some extra Tests in January 2022.

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    Students Studying in Class 10 and Moving to Class 11

  • 2

    Course Name

    Resonance ( 2 Years Class room Contact Program )

  • 3

    Course Duration

    Starting From : 1st week of April / 1st week of June Ending On : 4th week of February

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    Frequency of Classes and Timings*

    3 to 4 Days a Week/ 5 to 6 Hrs*/ 3:30 PM to 8:00 PM*. Note: The frequency of Classes, Teaching Hours & Timing can vary. For exact information, kindly contact the respective RJ VISION Centre .

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    Type of Test

    Periodic Test (PT), Cumulative Test(CT), BPT (Board Preparatory Test), Subjective Test.

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